Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Student Strengths Profile

I just wanted to share one more form I plan to send home to the parents/guardians of my students this summer.  This form is adopted from Kluth, P. & Dimon-Borowski, M (2003) Strengths & Strategies Profile.  I have asked parents/guardians to come up with at least 20 strengths, gifts, interests, or talents for their child. 

So much of special education is about what a child cannot do, not what a child can do.  So I decided that this school year we are going to start out on a positive note and start with what each student can do.  This will be a great opportunity to get to know my students better and hopefully learn about some of the things they can do outside of school or things they enjoy that I might not ever find out.

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Thanks, enjoy and hopefully you learn something new about your students!  Student Strengths 
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