Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Wow, I feel like I am going in a hundred different directions right now.  I just finished my 2nd day at a summer academy for teachers in a city near where I teach.  This academy is great.  Teachers are able to pick 4 different classes out of a long list of options.  The academy is for 1 week and so far it has been awesome.  I am learning some great things.  I have a class on starting Daily 5, using my SMART board, classroom management, and implementing Guided Reading Plus as part of RtI.  As great as the academy has been thus far, I now feel as though I want to do and start a thousand different things.  Not only that but I am also part of our school PBIS committee and we are implement a big part of the PBIS structure this fall and it is/going to be a BIG task.  Those of you who know about PBIS might know what I am taking about.  I also have many other things that I am working on for my PDP (Professional Development Plan) and my action research class.  Oh, and I can not forget that I also moved classrooms this summer, which I love my new classroom and am thankful that I got moved but it is still stressful having to set up another classroom.

So really I am just venting and I need to focus my attention on just the few things I can accomplish in the 3 weeks before school starts and start marking things off my to-do list. 

Side Note: Does anyone else feel as though every time you cross something off that to-do list you add 3 extra things on the bottom?

Well, thanks for listening...and now back to reading the Daily 5 book and figuring out how I can incorporate some of this structure in my classroom.  Has anyone else modified Daily 5 in any way and been successful?  Any help would be appreciated :)


  1. At my school we are going to try the daily 5 school wide. I'm going to pick up my book on Monday. I know it works well in lower grades not to sure about 4th grade pull out.

  2. Now that the summer academy is over, I hope that you were able to take something from the Daily 5 class that you can incorporate with your "special" kiddos. :) Thanks again for sharing your we are all addicts! LOL