About Me

Hi and welcome to my blog! I am a K-5 Special Education Teacher in Wisconsin and starting my 5th year. I started my teacher career teaching in a small town about a 1/2 hour away from where I grew up and went to school.  Last year, I was hired as a K-5 Special Education Teacher in the same district and school that I attended.  I teach K-5 students with special needs.  Most of the students I teach have Emotional & Behavioral Disabilities and Autism.  I do both pull-out groups to work on specific skills and work in the classroom with the general education teacher and paraprofessionals.  I love living in our small town and having the opportunity to teach at the same school I attended.  There is just something about being a part of the community that comes with being from a small town.  I went to school in Madison for my teaching degree but found myself very quickly back in my small town after I graduated.

My husband Adam and I on our wedding day!

Besides school, I have been married for just over three years to my best friend Adam.  We were married in 2010 and it has been amazing ever since.  Last summer Adam and I had a beautiful baby girl.  She just turned one, is starting to walk and talk, and is constantly keeping us running!  She has been such a blessing to our lives and I am so blessed to be a mom to such a wonderful little girl.  We also have a crazy dog, Bria, who is always keeping us going and our little girl just loves her.  Out daughter has now taken the number 1 spot in our lives, but when I do have free time away from work, we like to hang out with family and friends, go for walks, runs, and bike rides.  

Our dog Bria (when she was still small and cute)...

I have decided to change the focus of my blog a little bit.  Not only will this blog be about my journey of being a special education teacher but it will also document my journey of being a new mom, my DIY projects, my cooking adventures and every other part of our wonderful crazy life!  I hope that you enjoy my blog, I feel this is a great way to share all the things I do in my classroom and at home.  This is also a wonderful way to learn what other people are doing in their classrooms or in their homes.  I welcome any kind of feedback or comments so please feel free to share.  So...

Sit back and enjoy my journey!