Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Clipboard Bin-DIY

So, I was inspired by so many blogs this summer and all the teachers that do their own projects for their classrooms I decided to do a few myself.  I like to think that I am becoming more crafty but I will let you be the judge of that.  Earlier this summer, I also made stools on crates, you can see that post here

My next project was to make a bin for my clipboards in my room.  I inherited a yellow tub during the spring/summer and had yet to find a use for it until I was organizing my classroom and I could not find a good spot to put my clipboards so I decided to convert the yellow tub into the clipboard tub.

First, I grabbed my yellow tub.
Second, I marked off the areas I wanted to spray paint with the chalk board paint with blue painters tape.

I painted both sides in case both sides of the tub would be showing in my classroom.

This is the chalk board spray paint that I used, bought at Home Depot.

This is what the tub looked like after I sprayed it, once it was dry I carefully peeled off the paint and it was perfect.

Here is the finished project in my classroom with all of our clipboards.  This tub sits near the Work on Writing area for Daily 5 so the students have different ways they can write or can go and write on one of the comfy chairs in the classroom.

So, that is my DIY project for this week.  I will be showing you another project I did for my classroom library that I love!

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