Sunday, September 25, 2011

First Field Trip

It was another crazy, crazy week but on Friday, the 4th grade went on their first field trip of the school year.

We walked to a local park and History House near school to partake in some trader activities.  The students were able to see people dressed in traditional clothing, how guns were loaded and shot, how to pan for gold, make soap, make candles, and how people lived.

This was a great field trip (especially since it was free) and the students really learned a lot while being able to do hands-on activities.  The students are going to have a lot of background knowledge in the spring now when this is discussed during social studies.

Here the students are learning about the old guns.


The gold miners' camp with animal skins.

Panning for gold.

Working hard to find the gold and put it in the container.

Sifting through the stones.

The miners' camp again.

Time to learn about making candles.

And how to make soap.

The students also were able to do a craft.

What the finished products could look like.
I love field trips...I feel it gives the students amazing experiences to connect to their learning.  Even with increased pressure on test scores and standards, it is nice to get as many of these experiences as possible throughout the school year.  So, thank you to the individuals who organized this great activity!

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