Monday, September 5, 2011

Classroom Library Book Shelf---DIY

Here is another one of my DIY projects.  I really wanted to make my classroom library an inviting place to read and for me that means that everything needs to be organized.  I do not have a lot of my chapter books organized into different bins based on topic so instead they all go on a book shelf.  So, this summer I decided to make a new bookshelf for my classroom to help maximize my space without needing another book shelf from the school.

First, I started with regular old cinder blocks that were behind our house.  I used three of them.  I then spray painted them blue.

I bought a 2x8 from Home Depot.

I painted the board white first.

Here is the whole board painted white.

I then used blue painters tape to mark off different areas on the board.

More tape marks before painting.

Almost had a giraffe look when I was done taping.

I then painted some of the marked off spots blue.

I painted the rest of the spots green.  Once the paint was dry, I peeled off the tape.  (I did this whole process to both sides just in case I ever wanted to flip over the board.)

And the finished product in my classroom library.  It fits perfectly under my bulletin board.

Another look at the shelf, I have the students' book boxes and math boxes stored under the shelf, they fit perfectly.

This was such an easy and cheap project to do and I love the way it looks in my classroom!


  1. What a great (inexpensive) DIY project! Your classroom looks great!

  2. I LOVE this!!!! My whole room is blue and green - I am ready to BUY THAT FROM YOU!! :) But I will have to make my own!!! :) Thanks for the inspiration!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  3. Thanks! It was soooo easy and my students thought it was pretty cool today too!

  4. I wanted to do something like this for the space under the whiteboard, thanks for the inexpensive idea.