Sunday, September 4, 2011

Classroom Pictures...Finally!

I finally finished putting my classroom together.  The walls of the classroom are pretty blank because I want the students to help fill them with anchor charts and their work from the classroom.  Our wordwall is also blank because I will be adding the words as we work on each "fast word".  Overall, I am very pleased with the way the classroom turned out and I cant wait for the students to start on Tuesday.

I also need to say thank you to my wonderful husband for all of his help and my sister for helping me organize my leveled library.

This is my classroom library.  We have 3 comfy chairs, a bean bag, and some covered stools for students to read on.  My classroom calendar is also in this area.  Our bulletin board is blank right now but will eventually have "Read to Self" anchor posters on it.

Another view of the library with our window.

This is my small group area, with the SMART board and white board.

Another look at the front of the classroom.

This is our writing area.  Our word wall is up on one of the chalk boards I will probably never use and there are different areas for the students to write.

This is our sink area (which I am excited about, I have never had a sink before) I also have the trampoline in this area.

This is my desk area with "Read to Someone" in front of my desk and "Listen to Reading" on the right side of my area.  I would love to get rid of my teacher desk but I just have too much paperwork to do to not have a place to sit down and write.

"Read to Self" is in the classroom library.

"Read to Someone" is on the front of my desk.  The Dr. Suess bags have books in them for students to choose a bag during this time and read to each other (a great find at Target Dollar Spot) and the stools can be moved where ever they would like in the classroom to read to someone.

"Listen to Reading" is on the right side of my desk with 2 pairs of headphones and a basket full of books.  I will also be putting the CD player here since some of the books are also on CD.  I also have a computer for students  to listen to books on the internet (Raz-Kids, Tumblebooks)

"Work on Writing" has its own corner in our classroom with many different things to write about and its own table for students to write at.  There is also a whole tub of clipboards for students to take and be able to write where ever they would like in the classroom.

"Word Work" in near the small group area.  Those drawers are filled with different things to work on words.  There is also a whole box with letter tiles behind the table.  This area will also be filled with anchor posters as the school year gets going.

Here is our supply area.  There is construction paper, writing paper, markers, crayons, colored pencils, white boards, chalk boards....etc, etc, etc...

We are lucky enough to have our own leveled library (that my sister helped me organize).  This is a wonderful resource to have, we always have plenty of books on hand for leveled practice reading and Guided Reading groups.

This is our "quiet area".  If a student needs to take a break or needs a quiet area to refoucs this is where he/she can come.  There is a trampoline to jump on to get rid of our wiggles and a basket (the blue one) filled with different sensory materials.  There will eventually be a poster of rules of the quiet area and suggestions on how to calm our body (both will be developed with the students)

This is my desk and bookshelf.  I had to take a picture of my desk because it may never be this clean again.  Hopefully when it starts to get out of control I can come back and look at these pictures and remember how nice it was at one point...

These are the windows into our classroom from the hallway.  My husband did an amazing job of decorating the window area, our classroom looks so inviting now.

Thank you for taking a tour of our classroom! 

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  1. Love love love the library!!! AND your supply area!!! And your hubby's window display is AWESOME! Have a great first day!!!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher