Monday, July 25, 2011

Linky Party...Behavior Plans

I just began following The Lesson Plan Diva and she is having a Linky Party.  This is my first Linky Party and it could not be more perfect.  Most of my life revolves around Behavior Plans and this Linky Party is dedicated to different ideas and tools teachers have used with students with more challenging behavior.  I love this since I work in a small school district, it is great to get ideas from other teachers.  So, thank you Lesson Plan Diva!
This is a point sheet that I used with a student during the 2010-2011 school year.  This student was very impulsive and needed constant reminders throughout the school day to follow directions and finish his in-class work.  The points the student earned off of this point sheet were then traded in for tickets (50 points equals 1 ticket) then the student could "buy" thing with his tickets.  The best part of this point sheet was that the student never ended up buying any of his incentives, he was happy with earning points and tickets!

I have set up a link to the Point Sheet, please feel free to download and use as you see fit.  If you have any questions about the point sheet please feel free to ask.

If you download this document, all I ask is that you follow my blog and leave some feedback.  I am new to Blogging and would appreciate the feedback!

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