Sunday, October 30, 2011

Field Trip to Cranberry Marsh

So, it has been a while since I have blogged and I have a lot of stuff to catch up on.  School has been pretty busy so I plan on taking the next week and updating my blog with activities that we have done and pictures I have.

First, today I have pictures from our trip to the Cranberry Marsh.  As part of the 4th grade curriculum, the students learn about the process of growing cranberries and how they are harvested.  Part of the curriculum is visiting a Cranberry Marsh to see how the grow and are harvested first hand.  This is a great trip and the students learn a lot, I even learned a lot, who knew that cranberries did not grow on top of water (the commercials are so deceiving)!

Walking around the marsh.

More walking and looking at the bogs to the right.

Harvesting of the cranberries.  That big machine sucks up the cranberries off the top of the water and separates the berries from the leaves and stems.  The trucks then bring the cranberries to the Ocean Spray plant for processing.

Eating lunch in a park after visiting the marsh.

Tomorrow is our Cranberry Fest at school.  More pictures to come...

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